The white filling materials used today are not only long lasting but beautiful!

The materials used in the composite white fillings today are virtually replacing the silver amalgam fillings of the past. They are bonded to our teeth to add strength. The new materials used are strong enough to withstand the biting forces even with our back teeth. We use only the best quality materials based on non-biased scientific data. The tooth colored fillings are a hybrid of strength, beauty, and durability.

These light cured composites are extremely cosmetic and are bonded into place in one appointment. For this reason they are referred to as bonding. They can be used in front and back teeth. The materials come in a variety of shades so they will match the color of your teeth. Bonding increases the strength of these restorations far beyond those of just a few years ago.

Another advantage to the white fillings is the appearance. They are so natural looking you can’t tell they are there. They look, feel and function as our own natural teeth. The resin material can be shaped as desired, and then light cured to harden, once they are cured you can eat as soon as you would like.