Teeth that are fractured, broken or heavily filled can be restored with a crown. Missing teeth can be replaced with permanent, long lasting bridges that help restore function and health to the surrounding teeth.


New technology has made crowns stronger and more esthetic than ever! Dr. McCormick uses Zirconia crowns in many patients. He is an expert at deciding what works best in your mouth because of his extensive training and experience.

See the YouTube video for the “Hammer Test”



Bridges are a permanent fixture to replace missing teeth, which can replace one tooth or several. Once a tooth is lost the options available to replace the missing tooth are implants, a partial denture or a permanent bridge. Bridges are very strong and can withstand the biting forces of our mouths, they are also very natural looking.

Missing teeth can cause problems we are often not aware of. The teeth next to the missing tooth may begin to drift into the space as there is nothing to hold them in place. A tooth above or below the missing tooth will begin to ”super erupt” looking for their mate to bite against. As the tooth continues to erupt the roots become exposed and can turn sensitive and lead to more serious problems like food traps, gum irritation, bone loss, decay and bad breath.