Advances in technology have improved the look, feel, color and durablity of dentures today. Dr. McCormick is trained as an InPlace implant overdenture expert.

Dr. McCormick can place implants and then the denture is made to snap into the implants. Overdentures allow patients with dentures to chew better without worrying about the denture dislodging and implants also preserve the existing bone better.

Dentures have come a long way since our grandparents days. With accurate impressions you can have dentures that fit and feel much more natural. You can pick the shape, length, and size of each tooth to make them as natural looking as possible.

Poor fitting or worn dentures can lead to…

PREMATURE AGING: Teeth on the dentures do wear with time and chewing. This shortening of the denture can lead to shortening of the face. This will increase the wrinkles around your mouth, cheeks and chin, this can make you appear older.

JAW AND JOINT DISORDERS: Improper fit, shortening of the teeth on the denture, can lead to problems in the jaw joint. This can cause pain in the jaw, neck, head or shoulders, leading to (TMJ) tempro mandibular joint disorders.