Root canal therapy is needed if the tooth’s pulp or nerve becomes infected and continuous pain occurs.

Thanks to modern technology, the horror stories of the past for root canal therapy are not true today. Inside the canals of our teeth is pulp tissue and when this becomes infected, it causes pain and a toothache. This infection can further damage the tooth if it is not treated. During a root canal the diseased pulp is removed and the pulp chambers are cleaned, disinfected and sealed.

Endodontic Training

Dr. McCormick has taken many continuing education courses to learn the latest advances and materials needed to successfully complete root canal therapy. The canal of a tooth can be cleaned, shaped and sealed to save a tooth that would otherwise be lost. Root canal therapy is now a very predictable, usually painfree alternative to extraction. Once a tooth has root canal therapy, the tooth usually requires a crown. Some offices refer their patients elsewhere for root canal therapy, and have them return for the follow up care. By providing root canals in our office we can save the patients extra appointments, time and money.